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Council Membership

How to join the GCMT

Membership of the GCMT is open to Professional Associations and other Organisations.

Full Membership is open to Professional Associations concerned with massage and soft tissue therapy that meet such requirements as the GCMT may from time to time set down. The Council will exercise due diligence by considering, amongst other things, how long the association has been in existence, its (and its officers) behaviour and reputation, membership numbers, professionalism and financial viability.

Organisations wishing to join the GCMT as Full Members are invited to apply in writing to the Administration Officer enclosing a copy of their constitution, code of conduct, training standards required for full membership of their association and such other supporting documentation and endorsements they consider beneficial in support of their application.

Membership applications will be considered at the next scheduled Council Meeting.

Annual membership subscription is based on a capitation fee of £1.00 per full practitioner member in your organisation, with a minimum subscription of £100 and a maximum of £600. Please do not send monies with your application but advise us of the number of full members in massage therapy in your organisation.