20 September 2018
Welcome to the GCMT
GCMT Mission Statement - We are the Views of the Profession

The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies is the only forum where Professional Associations who represent massage and soft tissue therapies can come together to discuss and resolve industry issues. We aim to represent the views of the whole spectrum of massage and soft tissue practitioners by working collectively in the best interests of the profession.

GCMT members define the massage core curriculum which is now used as a key requirement of Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) registration.

The GCMT is the governing body for massage and soft tissue therapies that form all bodyworks and soft tissue techniques in the UK. We are a non-profit making body with the following aims and objectives.
Aims & Objectives

  •     To define and influence educational standards in the field of soft tissue therapies.
  •     To act as a lobbying and pressure group in the areas of, education, regulation, insurance and employment.
  •     To cooperate collectively (e.g on commercial deals) for the benefit of our respective memberships.
  •     To share best practice and experience as PAs.
  •     To bring together, and initiate, research into soft tissue therapy.
News & Events
For up to date news about what is happening in each of the professional associations and other member organisations please go to the Council Members tab and follow the links.


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