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How to Join the GCMT

Membership of the GCMT is open to Professional Associations and other Organisations.

Thank you for your interest in joining the GCMT. The GCMT represents professional associations at a national level.  For the Council to consider your application, exercise due diligence and assess your suitability for membership, please may we ask that you provide the following information, which will be considered at the next council meeting:

  • • Name of your organisation
  • • Date founded
  • • An introduction, which should include the background of your organisation, it’s ethos and aims, and your reason for application.
  • • Numbers of members and categories of membership, i.e., student, full members, associates etc.
  • • Details and links to any other professional associations or affiliation to learning establishments
  • • Details of board members or officers
  • • An idea of what your organisation may contribute to the GCMT

If accepted as a member, the structure within the GCMT requires a representative of your organisation to join and contribute to one of our working groups (Strategy, Public Relations, Regulation and Standards, Mental Health and Therapist Protection). Perhaps consider who you might propose to join the group from your organisation, and to which group they might make the best contribution in terms of their interest, knowledge and experience.

Please note our annual membership subscription which is based on a capitation fee of £1.00 per full practitioner member in your organisation, with a minimum subscription of £100 and a maximum of £600.  Please do not send payment with your application but we ask you advise us how many members you have, and we will invoice you when your application is approved.

In addition to the items listed above, we further require copies of the following documentations or links to your websites where the information is located:

  • • Previous 3 years accounts (these will only be reviewed by the Chair and Vice Chair and are, of course confidential)
  • • Constitution
  • • Code of Conduct
  • • Membership criteria and/or training standards
  • • Any other documents supporting your application, including a letter of support from one of the current GCMT members

Your application will be considered at the next Council meeting and is decided by a majority vote.

Please feel free to contact the Chair or Vice Chair should you need clarification of any of the above requirements.

Chair: Earle Abrahamson –
Vice Chair: Yvonne Blake –


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